Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Post Tiled: Faces of METH at the Department of Motor Vehicles

Sooo, I started the day at the Globe with my sister, good stuff, then went to the DMV downtown to get a new copy of my driver's liscence, which I have seemed to - well- lost, and all over the room there were the FACES OF METH posters, eeeek!!!

DMV is full of wierdoes. All kinds of wierdoes, even elderly wierdos, I sat between an old lady who whas there in cahoots whier her middle-aged daughter who were apparently planninf to pull a fast one on the DMV workers - the woman's daughter was quietly coaching her on the answers to questions - manwhile a sorority girl plops down next to me and begins reading Augustin Burroughs, I guess she left her Cosmo in the car-? An old asian Harley Davidson guy with a mowhawk sat in fromt of me, and the reso of the room was full of discruntlet people from all races, creeds adn walks of life. Now that is equality- everyone pissed and waiting, although the wait really isn't that bad.


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