Friday, July 13, 2007

Post Titled: Donnie?

Found out today that "Darko" is actually a real last name that people have.


Speaking of other DEPRESSING AMERICANA: "Afternoon Naps Are The New Vacation
As More Americans Give Up The Real Thing"

...o-kaaay, workaholism. Last time I checked you had to make time for a vacation, it just doesn't fall in your lap...
"Wallace Huffman, a professor at Iowa State University in Ames who is a specialist in labor economics, said Americans work longer hours than their European counterparts. While many Europeans take four to six weeks of vacation — often including the entire month of August when factories close — many Americans take no vacation at all, Huffman said."

ooof! crazies. heh.

oooh, Sherman Austin, founder of Cop Watch LA, what a great idea...

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