Thursday, July 26, 2007

Post Titled: ... uhm. blank-ing out here... shite.
(3 minutes later)...
Oh, duh.

Post Titled:
Not it!

For work -anytime I email anyone from the European Commission all I get in return is a "not it!" or "not really quite my job try this guy or try somebody else who will be back from Holiday in 2 months" which is no fucking wonder that nothing ever happens/gets done, ... maybe we can form a committee to talk about setting up a time period in which we can establish a potential date for talking about a integrated solution to this problem then we can set up a special council to discuss the solution openly for a period of 6 months and see if the public response from the cetified bodies will be covered by local, national and international media.

Seriously, I kid you not, read some of their White Papers. IF you can find anything on their crack-baby labyrinthine website(s)

against my will I must quote Homer Simpson with the word "Doh!" in regards to teh whole ______ beast.


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