Thursday, July 26, 2007

Post Titled: Writing on the wall about the History of Mt. Rushmore

Ok, so I have been mulling over a few of yesterdaz's crazy posts and realised that I completely forgot to mention the current exhibit at Hamburger Bahnhof. There is an artist (NAME???) exhibited upstairs right now whose work is fascinatingly political, one piece in particular is a series of perhaps 25 little text blurbs stenciled directly onto the wall under their respective dates (much like the title, artist, year label next to a painting) but these little texts go through the history of Mount Rushmore, from its geological birth until its (projected) erosion-caused death.
The history of mount Rushmore includes another (I quote) "final solution" proposal, well, basically, just many different efforts to contain and destroy the American Indian population....
Americans are quick to point their fingers at other peoples' dark bloody past, while quickly an quietly overlooking their own... unfair, really, why areN't we all walking around feeling a collective shitty national guilt like the Germans? It wasn't that long ago...
speaking of Rushmore, in lighter-hearted news here is a link to the new Wes Anderson film "The Darjeeling Limited"


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