Friday, August 31, 2007

Post Titled: Múm "They Made Frogs Smoke Til They Exploded" video and "When Bikers Collide"

I like Múm. They opened for Sigur Ros. I also liked the code 46 soundtrack, by the free association, which was like Sigur Ros-meets-Röyksopp. hmm, move- full of interesting things, but not the best movie by any means.
This morning, in a rush, (I thought I was late- in reality I was early) to work- bikeriding on Hallesches Ufer by the baustelle I collided with a bike-racer-looking guy who came out of nowhere from a perpindicular sidewalk, not looking before entereing the bike lane AND der Typ was eating a large powder-puff pastry. We collided at a 45 degree angle so that our handlebars overlapped and locked. Stopping, we just looked at one another, he actually had a look on his face as if I had just murdered his dog in cold blood, which was silly because there was vanilla pudding and powdered sugar on his face. I laughed at the situation, trying to point out that it was a silly accident but he was having none of it. Just stared a shocked and angry pastry stare. "Ach, Freitag! ja- Guten Morgen-!" I said, unlocking handlebars and riding off as he just stood there still looking pissed.
5 minutes later I realised that my hand and gearshift were coverd in pudding and powder. gross.


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