Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Post Titled: Awh Blaw Anglaise?

Watching CODE 46 (Samantha Morton, TIm Robbins) last night I was so confused about having difficulty understanding the english language... then I realised that they aren't really speaking 100% english, it is more like 80% english and 20% whatever other language- like THIS: World English from commsoffensive325 blog:
"World English is amazing to watch, and downright humbling to experience at times. It is both a language (English as spoken by accomplished non-native speakers), and an environment (where non-native speakers address each other in English even without native speakers in the conversation).

For those of us who have been formed in Anglo American environments, the laws of grammar are viewed as sacred, and for communicators, conscious or unconscious deviations from the laws of spelling, grammar and punctuation are often severely punished and can undermine a professional’s credibility. But in a World English environment, where non-native speakers can often communicate very effectively by combining English vocabulary with some grammatical tics from their native tongues, the use of such tics in written communication presents an interesting dilemma"


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