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Post Titled: BBQ Sauce

Just becuase this is so odd I must post the following correspondences I have withessed... such passion, such knowledge, resulting in good advice for people very much unlike myself:

"This afternoon, my husband and one of my clients got into a heated
debate about BBQ sauce. Growing up in the South, we prefer North
Carolina BBQ (vinegar- or mustard-based). Here in Cincinnati, they
think this Montgomery Inn stuff is the best they've ever had.

My client's birthday is coming up so we're going to inundate her with
BBQ sauce.

Do you have a local favorite? Of course, I'd prefer it to be vinegar-
or mustard-based, but I've never even tried Kansas City style :)

If you have a local favorite, send me a link. Or, if it's not
available for purchase online, send me the price and I'll PayPal you
the cash plus a small service fee for you to mail me a bottle.



Sticky Fingers is great and has many varieties and it is available online at or you should try Calhoun's. It is not mustard based, but it is pretty good as well. Try Let me know if you can't get it online and I would be happy to send you some!

Good Luck!
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There are a lot of artisan brands in KC because we (like so many other
places) consider ourselves the BBQ center of the universe. Among the local
chains, stay away from KC Masterpiece (available in stores nationwide and
just too sugary for words). If you're going to get a feel for KC sauce,
Gates ( is a great local chain. There's
also Arthur Bryant's ( which has a much
more vinegar-y sauce.


ML -

You've got to get sauce from Dreamland in Alabama. I think you can order it
online. (And, by the way, you should know that.)

For the vinegar-y type, look into Wickers. I don't like it so much, but it's
a family favorite.

For Midwestern flavor, go with Maul's. It's made in St. Louis, I believe,
and is my personal favorite.

~ kristi, who comes from a family of BBQ enthusiasts


Some of my favorites are:



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