Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Post Titled: Philip K. Dickheads

Normally I wouldn't post such self-righteous propaganda as what is about to follow, bu I came across a post in Technorati which lead me to the site of A1-Labs- offering a wide range of services - many of which invade one's personal life and most of which seem way too sci-fi, particualy the drug testing
A1-Labs site: HERE
I had to take a drug test (and passed) a few years back - it is just insulting and should probably be as illegal as a breach of Civil Liberties- right?... I mean, the rights of the employer to hire good hardworking people is all well and good, but there are some fundamental flaws with this name a few:

Pot stays about 30 to 40 days if you smoke everyday then quit, but it stays in your fat cells (and therefore urine) for anywhere from 3 weeks - 3 months.
coke stays about 2 to 3 days
opiate pain pills and some other prescription narcotics last in your system for 4-6 hours and the metabolized chemical precursors (which are what actually show up on drug tests)are gone after 2-5 days. with the exception of DXM,
OTC drugs dont show up at all on tests.
nicotine stays in your system for 14 days,
alcohol for 4-6 hours.
acid never leaves your body and stays in your spinal fluid (not urine).
ecstacy lasts up to a week.
mushrooms dont show up on regular tests.

On that note: I have actually met US Soldiers who specifically use drugs that are not detected by the drug tests which they are subject to- which are actually drugs far more disorienting and dangerous that pot (which is, I assume, the most commonly tested-for drug) and these guys were charged with guarding nuclear facilities- nuts.

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Blogger Jude's BlogLoggin said...

And that lemon poppy seed muffin you just ate??? Yep it shows up as an opiate. Drug Testing has time and place. I may be wrong but the drug addled superworker of 90s may be a thing of the past. I don't know why companies still test unless of course there is operation of machinery but maybe some companies get Federal funding if they have a drug testing program. Who Knows........

11:14 pm  
Anonymous Miss Mentor said...

Your employer has the right to drug test as well as strip search if they state it in the fine print - you don't have to apply for a job with them, remember? But really, what are you so worried about??? Using the drugs mentioned is totally illegal so why do it?

Having had smoked out employees show up and give me half an hour's worth of work for a full day's pay, I say test the m-fs. I also wear high heeled boots and a shotgun. You havin' more fun than me . . . blamo! Not anymore buddy.

Stick to alcohol and dark rooms. Back to work kids!

4:54 am  
Anonymous The Opinionated Blogger said...

It is completely true though. I am starting an internship this summer and I have to take a drug test to work for the company. There is no doubt in my mind I will pass, considering I don't do drugs, but it is still bull that the system can be broken.

Like everything with this country every rule can be broken depending upon your level of education in the matter.

9:00 pm  
Blogger Craig said...

You need to chill out - the drug testing isn't a persecution it's to get the f*ck wits that think they can turn up to work stoned out of their gourds. I worked at a company where a guy was hiding a serious addiction but driving down a busy highway everyday in a company vehicle - now the company can't just test him because that would be descrimination... so we all got tested...

We have drug testing in Australia and its supported by the strongest laws in each state, namely WorkCover (or its equiv. depending on your state). WorkCover (NSW) presumes the employer is guilty if an employee (or any by-stander) is injured at a work site (office, workshop, building site, anywhere really). The courts theory is that to be safe at work you and everyone around you needs to be clear... remember even regular (not heavy) use of Marijuana destroy you're ability to judge speed, distance and tilt... nice if you're driving...

5:15 am  

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