Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Post Titled: "Ai Papi!" in Savage Love
Post Subtitled: might as well dedicate this to Vernon

Being away from Seattle there is simply no reason to be connected to the Strangersphere there anymore (the Stranger is a widely read culture/music/theatre/books/movies/resteraunts
/classifieds weekly bible of cynical and fun information of sorts, having literally stemmed from the same genepool as the Onion) BUT I did stop-by today and check in on Dan Savage's advice column Savage Love, and actually came across something slightly informative:

"I am addressing this to both ¡Ask a Mexican! and Savage Love, hoping one of you will have an answer to this: Why do Mexican chicks yell for their papi during sex?"
Daddy Del Diablo

"Dear Gabacho: Latinas calling men papi (daddy) during sex or in day-to-day conversation is really more of a Caribbean thing," says Gustavo Arellano, author of ¡Ask a Mexican!, "and my column isn't called ¡Ask J.Lo! Then again, there was that chilanga chula (hot-ass Mexico City chick) who'd whisper it whenever the Mexican slipped her the chorizo... so let's answer your pregunta. In Mexico, as in the rest of Latin America, fathers stand atop the machismo mountaintop. They're the hombres who allow or deny a daughter permission to marry or leave the household, the man who wives must tend to and sons respect, fear, and follow. Dads earned such a place in Mexico gracias to the cultures of Catholicism, the Conquest, and the Aztecs—all governed by males who considered women little more than birth canals. Mix the three societies together, add some Freudian and Oedipal impulses, and you're left with some fucked-up sexual mores that a half-century of Chicana feminism and modernity have yet to eradicate. But, hey: Better your brown lady yell 'papi' during coitus than '¡Ay, chiquito gabacho!' ¿Qué no?"
To read my response to Daddy Del Diablo's question, you'll have to swing over to Got a questions for Gustavo? You can e-mail him directly at"


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so hilarious! i read it outloud to paul.

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