Friday, October 26, 2007

Post Titled: Dear loyal readers and not so loyal readers- (isn't that ..."traitors"?)
Post Subtitled: "Post-Google" has been Twitterpated.
for the time being I have reason to believe that I am being watched at work, ( I know, sounds a bit paranoid) but for the time being I have refrained from posting and have instead just been Twittering because no one here at my entire work has a clue as to what Twitter is and it is the closest thing I can get to blogging without being accused of wasting work-time as my own personal internet wasteoftime time... Iäm going to try to post as often as possible, but until I feel like ... you know. I have to things like tings that seem like research somtimes:
but things that are somewhow work related, like this (beautiful) error I found in the scan of Google Books amongst the pages of
"Everything You Know Is Wrong"

Oh, here is some really tragic but silly local news from california Schoolbus Stolen from Preschool.
other things that might've been blog posts over the past few days:
I can#t actually remember if I have ever been to Zermatt, Switzerland, but I saw this foto in a blog and realised that I have definitely been here-
and apparently that is Zermatt, therefore I have been to Zermatt. I know it seems idiotic, but from 1993-2000 we went to a lot of places, I can't exactly remember names.

Other Lost Post- this is Theresa Silvernail, we used to be in art class together, she was really cool... I guess it is just odd when soooo many people you know have joind the military... ok, that photo won't load.

Also, (vent- vent, huff-huff) just based on my professional interactions over the last 9 months- I could say some very mean things about how Spanish people are like retarded little children, but I wont. Like how they are like that guy "Ray" in the Fifth Element, the deaf pop-star with the big white hair, and when Bruce Willis is hiding behind a bar while being shot-at by the Mongoloid terrorists and asks Ray to toss him a nearby gun but what does Ray do? Ray tosses him a nearby billiard ball instead, thinking that all is well. I could use that analogy to say "that's how it is sometimes (often!) to work with the Spanish" but I won't. I will not throw out those blanant stereotypes, no sir, nooo not on the fine fiiine lily-white pages of this blog.

Anyhow, here is (deactivated links text-only) the Twitter Roundup (of aborted blog posts) THAT is what Twitteris, it is... like a foster home for aborted blog posts..:

-"A Vision of Students Today" - is this video silly, meaningful, of just an onslaught of information, I dunno...

-Bank of America is getting cuffed by the Karma Police
(on that note:

-someone actually said "Addicted to the Internets." I think she was Russian, but either there is more than one internet ir it is a band...?

-"Laughing Squid founder Scott Beale -two weeks ago- said, "The next disaster will be Twittered,"" Rafe Needleman, Blog Oct. 23 2007

-"seriousity" or "seriosity" is not a word, but it is now. to use it in a sentacne: "Well, now, aren't you Mr. Seriosity?" great, right? yao!

-listening Radiohead's NUDE whilelooking at WSJ Wildfire fotos

-Thai?-Skype(TM) (NASDAQ:EBAY) บริษัทด้านการสื่อสารอินเทอร์เน็ตระดับโลก เปิดตัว Skype for Pocket PC 2.0 ซึ่งเป็นซอฟท์แวร์เวอร์ชั่นใหม่สำหรับ ...

-Holy moly, it is "deep-seated" NOT "deep-seeded"! - thanks Languange Log!!!

-the Guardian: Never mind the treaty squabbles. Europe's real problem is Babel

-BBC: The US dollar tumbled to a new euro low in early Asian trade as concerns over the state of the US economy deepened. currently €1=$1.43 ...

-post sigur ros afterglow wanna move to iceland for a year or two, but what would we do there?. does have the 2nd highest standard of living-

P.S: My co-wokerd highly recommends this film: The Band's Visit


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