Monday, January 28, 2008

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I was in one of those large bookstores on Friedrichstraße three days ago and saw all the Portishead albums on sale- thinking "Gosh, will they ever put another album out..." then today in the guardian I come across: "Portishead's Third out in April"
That makes life a little better, now doesn't it? (Or does it actually make life a bit more sweetly melancholic?...)

The sale of older albums for €9,99 or less- which I assume is supposed to attract suckers like myself who have either lost, had them stolen or - most commonly perhaps- gave them out to friend on loan and simply forgot to get them back, (OR they got mixed in with other people's CDs in college)- has caused me to buy albums multiple times throughout my life, the ones that come to mind are:
STEREOLAB- Dots and Loops, purchased at least 4 times
The DIGABLE PLANETS - Reachin' (a new refutation of Time and Space) also purchased at least 4 times
TRIBE CALLED QUEST - Midnight Marauders purchased at least twice
TRAINSPOTTING - soundtrack purchased 3 times
MOLOKO - Do You Like My Tight Sweater? purchased 3 times
PORTISHEAD - DUMMY purchased 3 times
SMASHING PUMPKINS - Siamese Dream purchased at least 3 times
WU-TANG CLAN - 36 Chambers purchased at least twice
soooo, what does that say about people artists losing money from burned copies? I am fairly sure with all this music downloading silliness that one has to have a hard copy as a backup somewhere anyhow.


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