Monday, February 04, 2008

Post Titled: wonderful world of animals not only LOST but OBLITERATED in Translation...
Post Subtitled: uhm, FREE IS WORTHLESS...nöö, or is it just (somtimes) already paid for? Free is already paid for or wouldn't pay anyway... ?

Anomaly Opener:
Erdhörnchen = literally: ground squirrel (so is it a Praerie dog or groundhog?!?)
Eichhörnchen = squirrel (literally oak squirrel)
hörnchen = crescent (as in the shape of a crescent)

der Schimmel = the Mould (mold, as in icky green/white/black growth) OR a white stallion.
"Why is there a specific word for a white horse?"
"I don't know..."
"Is there a word for a black one?"
"Ja. Der Rappe."

So, in my attempts to unravel thes Germanomalies I go to wikipedia to try to figure out more about this eich/erdhörnchen dilemma... as in what exactly are we talking about here?... which one of God's effing creatures is it? not much help though
EXHIBIT Erdhörnchen 1
EXHIBIT "Echte Erdhörnchen" (the "real ground squirrel")
Oh wait-!, and then there are Präriehunde!?! Literally translated as "praerie dogs"!
EXHIBIT Präriehunde and the real nail in the coffin is the HöRNCHEN page!... then there is the unidentifiable Schönhörnchen page... it just goes on and on...
murmeltiere... are they "rodents"? what a nightmare of mis/understanding. I thought I knew what animals were called. So much for that.

On antoher note.---

Ever since figuring out (thanks George!) how to download torrents from Zamunda I just download 2 or more movies a day now, in fact it has gotten to the point where I watch about 10% of the total that I download... hm. But shit, I got There Will Be Blood, American Gangster, Me and You and Everyone We Know, Beowulf, Die Hard 4.0, and a few other s all in one weekend. I press a few buttons and walk away and zoom- an hour or so later there is a movie in my computer, crazy.
I have no guilt because I would never actually pay- (well, wait, ok, I would see some of these movies in the theatre)- (and I would still like to, and I tried renting some of them but they are always checked out or whatever), sooo... I am not doing this to spite anyone or leech off of Hollywood, Hollywood will get about the same amount of my money whether I do this or not, because the likelihod that I will actually seek out and rent most of these films is slim. (Ahm, Ok, when NK was out of down I did rent Die Hard 4.0 and really liked it. But, -in that case- if I have already put some money towards it- well, towards the Video World on Kottbusser Damm who rented it to me- then, I have contributed and really feel no guilt whatsoever downloading it)...
When I was younger, about 95 percent of my home video collection and every other family I knew were copied VHS movies from rentals or friends copies of rentals which we copied, of course with those one had to worry about losing an entire generation of quality, then futher and further if a copy of a copy was made. Then the tape would die after a few viewings... Weird, I had also forgotten that. A Mormon family of 9 we were friends with had their entire video collection typed up in alphabetical order adn printed out on that really long paper (when printers cranked paper out like a cash register reciept) with the hole-punched tear-off sidestrips used to feed it through the printer... What was that called?

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