Saturday, March 08, 2008

Post Titled: Friday night Non-fiction run-on

you know when you leave the house at 8PM with €.13 cents in your pocket and the city's entire public transport system is offline and you end up at a bunch of shitty art shows full of spießers who gie you the same look you are giving their digital prints and then then then meet co-workers and a filthy a punk and rockabilly bar with the spokesperson for a very large tobbacco company and he is helping them light their joints and everything is out of place so it works and your beautiful doe-eyed co-worker is smitten with you and likewise and by now everyone knows and and and then you walk home four hours later and the swan butts are still poking out of the canal except this time the entire flock gets scared by a dog and the ducks are teasing each other and the moon is nowhere in sight but every bar you walk by is full of every type of person you can imagine and you still have €.13 cents in your pocket but you've added your wedding ring to the other round metal objects because you want it off your finger but will probably put it back on befor sunrise and you walk hrough the damp but well-packed muddy canal trails and someone is grumbling adn someone else is harmlessly dangerous-looking but too drunk to move on a bench so you can spin and sing a bit and no one cares and you're wondering if you can at all possibly spoon your upstairs neighbor and fall asleep that way and you are wondering if you should blog about this stuff at all but are feeling the need for a tad bit of honesty even though you only drank half a beer all night long because you only had €.13 cents in your pocket... and everything is fine... then just before you go to bed you find this:


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