Thursday, March 06, 2008

Post Titled: swan butts.
Post Subtitled: AUGH! my blog is so un-attended to!°

Yesterday was the first day of what might be a 2-week long U-Bahn strike, and -coincidentally- it just happened to start snowing. Actual big, fluffy, substantial flakes which compacted into a thin slippery-when-packed layer underfoot.
I put on my New Balance(s) (which I rarely wear- especially since someone told me the big reflective "N" on the side has made them the unoffical but popular shoe of NeoNazis, grr. They are the only turnschuhe I can tolerate! GRR.) but it is 45 min. walk each way to and from work, trying to be practical. Of course they have no snow traction, so it took even longer, but halfway through the trip (realizing how late I was)
I began to run along a narrower and more tree-shaded (tunnel-ish) portion of the canal, (between Zoessner and Halleshes?) grippping my laptop bag as Sigur Ros rose to a crescendo in my headphones and two swans flew by, side by side with a full wingspan almost as broad as the canal itself they came into my periphery from behind at a crusing alitude about 12 feet off the water and in the middleground: the Altes Zollamt resteratunt and in the Background the domed cathedral bay Halleshes Tor and all over: snow. It was one of the most perfect and film-like moments life has yet had to offer.

P.S. I have had no time to blog lately beause I am either flooded at work or out and about trying to avoid being home. Einfach so. I wish I had time and braincells to fill this space with fascinating finds adn commentary, but at the moment it just isn't happening.


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Anonymous z said...

a friend of mine is facing the same problem. he's been wearing new balance(s) for years and it wasn't until (i guess) 2006 that a friend told him, that this brand recently became rather popular among neonazi. he could see it first-hand, now that he was paying attention, at an anti-nazi-demo, and he's at every anti-nazi-demo there is within a radius of 100 kilometers (and i adore him for that, and i miss him even more). but being the stubborn guy that he is, he doesn't care about the fact that these people try to claim sportshoes for ideological reasons.

11:16 pm  

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