Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Post Titled: The news has been a-buzzing with the NY Governor & Prostitute scandal. Terribly dull. Grr. The only interesting thing is the prices- these girls are very very expensive- what could they POSSIBLY do that is worth $5,500 an hour?... and does this in any way really affect his ability to govern? - other than that he as been demonised... (mind you I know nothing about this man or his politics) but perhaps the best course of action is to simply say "Yes, people of New York, yes- we all have our secret passions and special interests, hopes and dreams and I- for that matter- really like fucking very expensive prostitutes -preferably ones names Kristen. That will be all." It could be very inspiring, grab the transparency by the horns... man has nothing to lose. Oh, shit, is prostituion illegal? Oh well.


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