Thursday, February 21, 2008

Post Titled: show and tell.
Post Subtitled: music that produces a loud pang of Heimweh...
On Tuesday I went to see
a girl from Seattle play a show, she goes by the name of
- (quite) unfortunately, I was (un/)voluntarily held-up at a previous engagement (by this one pair of eyes that I have difficulty tearing myself away from) and arrived just before the last song – called Swastika, which is like being quietly and gently draGGED through 10 minutes of grueling schönheit, if I could implant it here i would, I love it and then a part of it was just- well- being so happy to be in the same room with someone from Seattle. Dumb, perhaps, but I just felt calm and safe for a short while... and I also try to imagine the setting of this music in my mind- to build an environment for it, somtimes somewhere besides the (what seems to be) nightime campfire on a San Juan island album cover, and somtimes not...perfect to fall asleep to, - sounds like it could be applied to any cold-ish forelorn/myserious Northern landscape or post-war railroad or couple working hard in the fields or... or better yet: music as if Dr. Zhivago wasn't campy.
I could do nothing bust stand just inside the doorway on account of the space being so full. A bit akward for my but not unpleasant. Right after she finished playing she sort of strode off into the crowd of the very very full bar/cafe (Hanswurst?) had to pee badly, and bumped into her putting her gituar back in the case in the hall where the restrooms were,

„Hey,“ „Hi“ (shaking hands)
„The last time I saw you was at the Mars bar with Michael Vermillion in Sept. 2006.“ I try to explain, her brows kind of furrow in thoughtful confusion-
„That was two days before I moved to Berlin...“
„Oh, ...oh, weird-!...what are you doing here?“

„Journalist-artist.“ I mumble.
„I don’t understand...“

„Uhm, dayjob: journalist but I do art also.“
thinking:(Is that even true anymore? Do I even draw or paint anymore? I am always too tired or braindead from work! Jesus...)
„Ja, I think I wrote you to say that your cd was like 25 bucks in the store here“
„I remember that- I wonder why it is so expensive...“
„Exchange rate is shit.“

Then I sort of paniked and said something like „well, good luck on tour!“ and ran off.
Honestly, It was just nice to see a kind of creature I was truly familiar with. This petit girl with a very lovelytragic voice is singing from a part of the world that I know. We probably (er, definitely) know a few of the same people- so for a few minutes as she was singing and then later as we were talking I felt anchored. I felt that there was somthing happening in the room that -mainly due to language barriers and geography- that I had an upper-hand in understanding every part of- every word and pick apart the meaning. I mean, who knows, perhaps there were other people in the audience from the Pasific NorthWest who have seen her before... maybe not. (you can listen to some of her songs HERE)
Overall things are going well, I am spending a lot of time speaking German with my co-worker, who doesn’t really speak English, so now I sometimes end up thinking and dreaming in German, which is a very new thing.
The u-bahn station at Eberswalder was absolutely packed with German teenagers on a school trip. They clogged the only döner stand buying overpriced shots of shit vodka and doing boy-girl-flirt-loud fun-looking things to each other. I had 8 minutes to kill before the train, so I waited in line amongst them and got a €1,50 veggie döner ... listened to the Digable Planets all the way home on the train still surrounded by jumpy loud 15-year olds giggling and kidding each other and calling and texting... I probably seemed boring to them sitting there with my spießer haircut, black wool jacket and grey leather gloves... bobbing my head to old hip-hop... actually excited at the prospect of 6 hours of sleep.

I just realized that I am MySpace friends with Jonathan Meese...yuk! what the hell, when did that happen? I am sooo tired of and exhausted by Myspace... it just beats up my eyes every time.

The dreams I have had for years keep happening, where I am in cities that are really a mixture of two cities, i.e. Havana+Washington D.C. oder Paris+Seattle, Berlin+Venice... and navigating them is extremely schwer... and we are always seeking some evasive person or impossible to find solution to some project problem...


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