Monday, March 31, 2008

Post Titled: this post is an expanded version of a MySpace comment. (a first. that is like a movie based on a video game or a ride. not entirely uncommon now...)
Post Subtitled: Clearly I need more 70's rock in my life.
Sure everything is out there somewhere on the interweb, but: How do you find a song if you have no idea what the chorus or lyrics or band are? Google can't read my mind yet, so I was kind of impresed that it only took me 3 days to find E.L.O's "Evil woman" (which was only one Google search away- sooo... actually, it just took me three days to decide to try to find something on Google to which I could attach no correct words except "song" and "woman")
This would've normally been a non-issue and I could've slept soundly and not let it eat away at me- except for the realisation that, well, I had actually never understood what the band said in the chorus... Alicia had always believed to be "Illegal woman", I had always believed to be "Medieval woman" and Mithridates had suggested might be "Witchy Woman" by the Eagles- anyhow, long story short I was actually able to find the song by way of a parody by a guy named Tim Mayfield which was (coincidentally) called "Medieval Woman" which is STILL what I hear no matter how many times I listen:

The other interesting things is that I have encountered this song a LOT lately, both in the Czech Republic and then again last Saturday at West Germany. The stupid thing is that for years I thoght it was a Perry Farrell song, because he covers it on a Jane's Addiction/Porno for Pyros Best of compilation. Dumb teenager. not sure which is better, the music video (here) or the live version (below)

also reoccuring, T. Rex:

in other news, U2 and Bruce Springsteen are also very alive and well in Czech. Good to know.


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Blogger Mithridates said...

Arrrrrghh! I'm out at the pub with my buddy Ez playing bocce to soothe the lacerations from my latest loss (didn't get the fellowship Helen recommended me for, boo hoo, bla bla) and suddenly it came to me after Ez and I had gone through like fifty songs: ee-EE-vil wo-man (bownownownanow), ee-EE-vil wo-man (bownownownanow), EE-ee-EEvil womannnnn. Well, glad you got to it, even though I couldn't get back in time to break the news....

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