Friday, March 28, 2008

Post Titled: Prague.
While in Prague we walked around town, visited the curiously organised National Museum which had a huge main exbibit about the history of feet- called: "Human Traces: A Walk from Prehistory to the Moon" including a Timberland boot (like the one I was wearing) for Shaquille O'neill - which I think was a size 24 -you could fit full-grown dachshund in it. They also had some great dinosaur skeletons of dinosaurs I was unfamiliar with- like Gigantosaurus (an uglier, bigger version T.Rex with longer arms.) Mr. White and I spent a lot of time in cafes and pubs as well:

and trying to resist the urge to exit through the roof window in out room, (which lead to a steep tile decline and certain death below)... question being: if you are dead do you still have to pay the fine?:

Maybe this post is of no interest to anyone else- but I will include some Prague recommendations as soon as I can pin-down the names of some of the places we were at...


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