Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Post Titled: lots of ├╝ber-logical childishly simplistic reasons Why McCain Can't be President
because: haven't you seen the scientific studies which say old people are about to die? and if you are about to die you won't be right in the head- like, if I were going to die tomorrow I might spend the rest of the day doing silly impulsive things. That is why McCain can't be president. I love my grandparents, but they are old and do not necessarily understand the world (especially the world I live in) any longer, therefore they are really not fit to rule- and McCain is almost as old as my grandparents; therefore McCain cannot be president. McCain cannot be president because he would be impeached shortly thereafter because if he were to become president then the Terminators would get loose, the constitution would be altered overnight to allow Arnold Schwarzenegger to become President (even though he was not born on American soil) to fight the Terminators until the end of the world in 2012... (despite the Terminators being from 2029...) McCain Cannot be President...because...(see above photo triptych)


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