Monday, June 30, 2008

Post Titled: waking up in Loserland...
really odd, ok, so I rarely if EVER hear Germans say that they ever like (or love) their country- but then something happens like yesterday when they played Spain in the final game of the euro cup and it is really nice to see the flags and the flag-facepaint and whatnot, BUT yesterday while biking in Prenzlauerberg I found 2 flags on the street! Real cloth German flags! People just going by, doing nothing-... The first flag I found was just on the sidewalk, sitting there -still very clean- in a lonely little pile- while pedestrians and bikers just passed-by. I picked him up and put him in my bag. An hour later on Prenzlauer Allee I found another flag in the street, slightly dirty and battered- but I picked him up, too. BUT, this one as well as the one I saw in the dusty path on the ufer were BOTH passed-over by a LOT of foot traffic. I think my issue is: WHO THE %$§# CAN JUST SEE THEIR COUNTRY'S FLAG LYING ON THE GROUND (MUCH LESS IN THE DIRT OR IN THE STREET) AND JUST WALK BY WITHOUT PICKING IT UP AND BRUSHING IT OFF??? Taking it home to wash it, at least? I mean, I am definitely definitely not the hugest patriot, not by a long-shot, but -God forbid- if I EVER saw the American flag on the ground I would certainly pick it up and take it home instead of just running over it or driving by it... Jesus. This really says something... simply boggles the mind.
Anyhow, the third flag I found this morning: I was in much too much of a rush to get to work to stop to get it, (and since I saved 2 of them yesterday I thought I might give someone else the change to redeem themselves) but... if things keep going the way they seem to be going... maybe I can retrieve it on the way home this evening... ;(
we shallllll see.
Ok, one more thing while Iäm somewhat on-topic, let's briefly bemoan the near-complete lack of optimism. Every German I spoke to in the days before the game was saying "Spain will win. Germany doesn't have a chance." huh? seriously? that is... not exactly a winning attitude, folks. After the game a woman said "Not too bad. It is good that it was only 1-0, I was expecting 3 or 4-0..."
oh... boy oh boy.


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Anonymous sunny said...

@near complete lack of optimism

you know what, overly optimism makes you end up stalingrad. ("second world war. russian front. not a good idea. hitler never played "risk" when he was a kid" (eddie izzard in "dress to kill") well, napoleon failed as well) okay, that was totally off-topic.

man nennt es rational, junge. it was pretty obvious to me after the first round, that the german team had now chance against the dutch team, spain and portugal (that once again failed to prove that they are a tuniermannschaft). the only good this about the german squad was the sexy bundestrainer in his tight white shirt. who cares about those jungmillionäre in kurzen hosen with funny haircuts (and eyebrows), really....

10:44 pm  
Blogger "Post-Google" by TAR ART RAT said...

I know being overly optimistic can be unhealthy- but the principle of "rooting for your team" is... well: kind-of important!
Granted, to be fair I do see the most and best examples of German national pride during large international football competitions, that is nice- I just wish they could maybe keep it up.
On Löw: be is truly a badass, a man's man and a ladies' man. a German Mr. Big.

9:17 am  

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