Thursday, July 10, 2008

Post Titled: schizo. (will/should/should blame on weather or whatever)
yesterday (as proven in venomous blog posts) I had nothing good to say about Germany and today I'm all like "yeaah, Germany yeah yeah life is effing goooooood!" carefree bicycle-riding through the RAIN, even (chilly Summer rain!) whaaa?- whineywhiner-whineathon! one of the dozen temporary apartment-goer-throughers must be slipping moody drugs into our food and water supply. must be.

Non-Fiction, July 7th:
Me: "Still haven't seen RoboCop"
Ms.A: "Me nether..."
Me: I was in first grade when it came out, begged my parents... but it was rated R and I wasn't even allowed to see PG movies at that point... damn. Why is RoboCop rated R anyhow?

duuude... some dude ripped off my OBAMA-WAN. You do the IMAGE SEARCH. you be the judge. I think my Obama-Wan Kenobi image is a tad bit better... of course... oujeh. TAR ART RAT tarartrat


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