Monday, August 04, 2008

Post Titled: The Lonesome Crowded Internet
Post Subtitled: Yep.
ended up in Polish Prison. More to come...
Meanwhile I discovered that it works really well if you just substitute the word "Folsom" with the word "Polish" and sing yerself some Johnny Cash...

(hopefully I will have the scanned pages of the letter I wrote to Johannes while sitting in jail uploaded here soon...)

in a nutshell:
-no phonecall (no one knew where i was for nearly 24 hours)
-18 hours without water
-no air!!! or ventilation!!!
-slept on a wooden box, they (the Police) discouraged the use of a mattress because they were just too gross to be used
-too much light at night, not enough during the day...
-leaving handcuffs on while we did paperwork and I had to sign my name a dozen times
and the list could go on and on

Johannes and I figure this was sort-of the middle ground between a first and third world prison...

Meanwhile meanwhile...
after a week of camping and then being in jail, I just can't ... get interested in the whole virtual world before my eyes... do I have to break myself back in- toss myself in a warm oven, oil often, punch-up constantly and then sleep under my own pillow like a baseball mitt? mmh. now that I am back at work... the internet doesn't smell or taste or scare or cause you to bleed or cry...

thinking: need to be smarter about everything, need to learn another other language (probably Polish), need to not take things for granted... which i don't too much, but still.

on another subject... kind-of...
once again re-enforcing the Beat Poets' final death at the hands of the Zombie Robot Army of SPAM generators...
Weird spam today: for example:

Subject:Miley Cyrus hidden pics
Message:Italy charges Google for espionage

Question: Isn't "life to short" to spend time reading the news? I mean,
same problems, same disasters, same politics, so little GOOD being reported...
Hmm... that is just my homebase/base thought of the morning after not using a computer for 6 days...
Is life too short to spent more than 30 minutes online per day?---

Subject:Passenger plane crash kills thousands
Message:American guys think Japanese women give the best orgasm

Subject: Britney Spears announces third pregnancy
Message: US torture facility in Guam exposed by UN, to be shut down

Subject:Russian serial killer on the loose
Message:FDA faulted over unapproved uses of medication

Subject:New nudity art interests thousands
Message: Christian Bale sentenced to 3 months imprisonment

Subject: hydrolysis anselmo
Message:synagogue mars harris

contrast jackson harris? burglar, percentage harris.
tile synagogue gorky far pyrolyse harris, peasant
intrinsic decelerate burden curriculum waltham.

contrast bred.

Subject:juan crimp
Message:theodore caliber theodore

ambiance officious immediate? desorption, crimp theodore.
curio repute theodore oxcart horrid pizzeria, megaword
courtyard besetting caliber immediate ambiance.

juan conquistador.


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Blogger Ithaca said...

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you serious? Are you going to say more? What happened? (Did you know Ilya got thrown in a ho-jail in Israel for having too many stamps from Arab countries in his passport? Ho-jail = hoteljail, apparently. And was then deported back to Munich.)

2:26 pm  

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