Monday, October 06, 2008

Post Titled: the weekend in pictures.
long weekend (since German Reunification Day was Friday)
so I didn't accomplish much other than taking a whole lot of fotos:

buck spinning our of a jump in volkspark hasenheide

Lee Tabasco of the Frying Dutchman at WHITE TRASH FAST FOOD berlin Oct. 3, 2008

foto of me taken by a 4-year-old who appropriated my camera at Cafe Berkana in the Karmanoia

typewriter in the top floor apartment of the Karnmanoia

Charles Alabaster Booth of the Cowboy Killers, Lovelite, Friedrichshain, Berlin

buck (modern dancer)landing in volkspark hasenheide

this was not this weekend- but I forgot it from earlier...

susanna berivan playing at Ä

and a few weekends ago:

Icelandic artist Magnús Pálsson at his vernissage in Galerie Crystal Ball, Berlin

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