Tuesday, November 25, 2008

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Enter the 500-Word Memoir Contest Now!
500-Word Memoir Contest Judged by Tom Perrotta!

The 500-Word Memoir Contest--judged by author and Oscar-nominee Tom Perrotta--is wide open, and ready for you to submit your blazingly brilliant entry.

The rules? Easy. Write a memoir that of 500 words or less. The winning memoir, along with a handful of finalists, will appear in Opium8 which will debut on May 1, 2009. For a shining example--a finalist from Opium5--check out Giancarlo DiTrapano's heartaching memoir.

So enter now, and tell the world so they can enter, too!
The Deadline: February 22, 2009
The Reward: $1,000, and publication in Opium8.
The Cost: $10 for a single entry; $17.50 for two (or you can now subscribe and enter for $25!)
How to Submit: Go to Opium's new submissions system and enter!
The Odds: We can't know this until all entries are in, but know that we do publish many stories from our contests (7 appear in Opium7, 10 in Opium6, along with over 30 on OpiumMagazine.com).

Tom PerrottaThe Judge: Tom Perrotta has written six novels, including Election, the New York Times best seller The Abstinence Teacher and Little Children. Election became an acclaimed movie directed by Alexander Payne, and Perrotta received an Oscar nomination for the screenplay of Little Children. Perrotta has taught at Yale and Harvard, and lives near Boston.

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