Monday, November 03, 2008

Post Titled: regarding "Sarah Palin is a c***"
Post Subtitled: leave it to old friends to keep us in-check

A message i recently received: ".. ok- i did not want to comment on your blog...i'm timid when it comes to politics... i generally try to keep to myself- my views are not the same as all of my friends- and unless it is super super super important i'm generally quiet... but after i decided not to comment i kept thinking about it so here is my comment

as far as the sarah palin is a c*** clarification....(getting so technical)

Let's put her politics aside

i'm sure i'm not your only friend that happens to be a mother- (i could possibly be your only friend that intends on having 5 children).....lets show some respect to mothers/women in general... i don't like to wish pain on another person... but for your post (and to all men who dare to make such statements) i wish you to pass at least one kidney stone in your life time...and let it be a big one!!!!!!
ok, i take that back... i do not wish pain. Besides... at the end of your pain when going through child birth you get a cute baby- (but once i miscarried and went through most of the pain and did not get a cute baby at the end- but that is another story) but women go through a lot physically and emotionally in the birthing process and mothering process...
So... show some respect!!!!!! Bag on her politics- bag on her policy, bag on what ever.. but remember all of the mothers....especially the ones that want to have 5 kids....

so don't go there.

i'm saying this with the sweetest tone ever and did not want to get into an argument over this... i was not even going to comment in fear of public retaliation. So, as far as you being technical with birthing and anatomy (even though you used the naughtiest of words for it)....never underestimate the power of Kegels...

and excuse my mis spellings, and mis use of these (.) and these (....) and these(( ))...

and i don't expect a public apology.


ME: "there ya go:
thanks for your thoughts, I guess I rarely even take politics seriously anymore/.. . I was very politically active up until about 2004 and then after Bush was re-elected I just gave up, but before that I was out getting teargassed at the WTO, out protesting the Iraq War every weekend, volunteering for the Nader campaign, etc. anyhow, so there's that and then there is just LIVING in seattle for so long - which really is a strange environment where nothing is sacred except film and literature... I guess all of that has made me more or less un-offendable and then when I offend people I can't even understand why they are offended... a bit odd, guess I'll have to work on that.
anyhow, thanks Ms. ***** *** for keeping me in-check! I will keep your words of wisdom in mind in the future!
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