Thursday, October 23, 2008

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BattleStarTrekWars Galactica...
(also feat. Babymomma Palin Old Man McCain on NBC and Saul Tigh and Adama and Starbuck ans stuff...)

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because I'd hate to dedicate an entire post to the Old Man, here is a valid and somewhat related correspondence of equal importance, dedicated to Alicia and Florian:

Alicia wrote:
"So, as we were playing Uno, Florian and I were debating:

In a fight of Star Wars vs. Battlestar Galactica vs. Star Trek who would win?


Are they all existing in the same "space"?


P.S. Re: Battlestar Galactica (Which Florian has been making me watch ever since we found the free TV station - doesn't the one gray haired guy in Season 2 (who loses an eye in Season 3) look like John McCain!? (at least in season 2...)

Ahhhh, Munich...."
to Alicia:

show details (22 hours ago)


"the XO, one-eyed Saul Tigh, yep- you can even find photoshopped images of him as mccain and vice versa
ok- this other thing is a big argument-
Battlestar Galactica is in our future (but humans left earth so long ago that is has been reduced to a myth)
Star Wars is "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away"
and Star Trek is in our future as well, but they still have a connection to earth (well, most of the storylines)
"Who would win?" really depends if we are talking about who vs. who i.e.: the Empire or the Rebels, the Cylons or the Humans, or the U.S.S. Enterprise vs. the klingons or the Klingons vs. the cylons -or the cylons vs. the borg or the Rebels vs. the Galactic Fleet, etc...
but they all exist in the universe... our universe
(more thoughts on this to come..)

I am so glad you are watching Battlestar!!!!!! it is my favorite (or has been over the past year or so) but beware of fracking internet plot spoilers!!!! I love almost all the characters, although... no, I can't decide. Most of them are just so interesting, Baltar, Chief, both Adamas, Starbuck, Tigh- great stuff
-did you start from the pilot episode???.


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