Monday, November 17, 2008

Post Titled: Vattenfall shut off my electricity. bitches eröffnet 19. Berliner Märchentage
But seriously, folks, Vattenfall hat meine strom ausgeschaltet, so i got a crank-powered LED licht light and I cook on my coal oven. I have gotten really used to this now, actually.
without electricity one realllly starts to find ways to enterian one's self, so fuck Vattenfall Märchen. I read and draw by candlelight and make stupid faces at my camera.


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Blogger Jesi Khadivi said...

you make me feel like a wuss, tarartrat. looks like you are much more light hearted about the situation than paul and i were last year when we lived in kirsten's apt!

12:32 am  

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