Friday, November 14, 2008

Post Titled: CRANK.
Me: was the crank light still on when you got home? I wonder what the charge life is on it... that thing is amazing.
Goldmann: yeh - it was on very dimly when I came back at around 5:30. very very dimly. Does the radio also function w/o batteries? I was afraid of winding in too tight / too much. you'll need to give me a tutorial later on.
Me: yea, I love that thing!!! it was dim when you got home because it was on for 22 hours at that point,
but crank crank crank-! the more the better!
the crank IS a generator! it has no other power source-
the radio works great, but if you run the light and radio simultaneously then you have to crank it more, and there is also a USB outlet where you can charge things- i charged my iPod on it the other day


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