Saturday, December 20, 2008

Post Titled: Mole tROUBLE!!!
You've heard it all in the news, the financial crisis, the environmental crisis, the ... the crisis crisis... Well, I have too, and I am a bit burnt out... So clearly there iss room for an about-face here in ye olde blogosphere, cleaaaarrly switching gears here at Post Google to think about the... well, some of life'
s burning issues wouldn't hurt anyone (especially/hopefully not a small burrowing creature with poor eyesight)... (aka: the tireless mole who has moved into the backyard.) yea yea yea: "hello UK!" Welcome to the Mole Crisis, live video blogging from the backyard (how do we deal with this ethically? I have so precious little time to figure that out before the neck-snapping trap comes out!:
tar art rat tarartrat


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