Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Post Titled: non-fiction conversation blip, working from home
PJT: Whoa, holy shit, I totally twittered that Amsterdam plane crash 38 minutes faster than the NY Times did...
PTF: Uhm... you're talking about a tragedy.
PJT: I know, I know, but it mean in terms of the way information travels it is crazy. Even that twitpic photo of the crash from the highwaytraffic was 40 minutes before the NYtimes post.
PTF: Yea... is it satisfying to have beaten the NYtimes?
PJT: Fuck yea, it's a race! I love it. And it just goes to further prove that the Newspapers are dinosaurs.
(30 minutes later):
PTF: Oh, on that note: "Troubled San Francisco (Chronicle) paper in danger of closing"
PJT: Mhh.
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