Sunday, February 15, 2009

Post Titled: Patrick Stewart (self-explanatory)
BONUS FEATURES!: dialogue resulting in this image!:
"That most beautifulest woman in the world- from the film about the crazy mathematician"
"yea, Jennifer Connelly- she was bustier in the Rocketeer... I don't actually know what she was doing between then and Labyrinth"
(Google image search for a visual history of Ms. Connelly's look and weight as it has evolved throughout the last 23 years leads the apartment to a site full of celebrity wallpaper images) (I am once again creepily reminded of David Bowie's Goblin King's obsession with a 14-year old girl... a detail I completely overlooked as a child.)
TWITTERED: "Stumbled across a Patrick Stewart screensaver accidentally. I am not clever enough to THINK to search for such an amazing thing"
"Ahh, from House of Sand and Fog!"
"no, that is him!"
"no, that was an actor named Ben Kingsley, this is Patrick Stewart..."
Ben Kingsley was in Sand and Fog, he also played Gandhi...(THINKING: OPPOSITE Murphy Brown, Mary Tyler Moore ripoff..."
GOOGLE reveals that Gandhi's full name is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
"See, the eyes are different and Ben Kingsley has bigger nose and ears... not much bigger, but bigger"

WIKIPEDIA reveals that they both acted together at the Royal Shakespeare Company earlier in their careers... presumably when both had more hair. I wonder if people could tell them apart then. (NOTE: see what happens when you work at home??? See?!?!) berlin tar art rat "post-google" tarartrat post google 2008 2009


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