Sunday, February 08, 2009

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I showed up to the Berlinale film release party for the YES MEN film with about €18 in my pocket and left with €57... thanks bar fairy! (at the crowded bar she shoved a bill and some change in my hand, I shoved it into my pocket and then got a nice surprise when I checked my pocket 2 hours later. oops)
So yea- there was a corresponding exhibit of work which featured prints mimicking Shepard Fairey's Obama Hope posters but with the likes of Greenspan and Paulson, all with a brief and biting life history on the back... the magical fantastic wizards of our broken and so so beautiful financial crisis or blessing (however you want to look at it.)

Dance room= Loud loud schizo nearly undancable music, but fun and fun videos on the wall, and a heated debate about whether or not micheal gondry or his bizzaro was leaning against a nearby pillar.

the everyman's Yes Men reference? they did this:

too tired to check out the party across the street which supposedly featured cockroach racing. like going to bed early these days. then... hunted... cheese in the morning, read BILD zeitung.


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