Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Post Titled: fiction, 2nd of february...

A few young people are seen walking through the woods, goofing off, and they suddenly come upon an abandoned elementary school gymnasium more or less in the middle of the wilderness, which is the bud of an abandoned development miles between track housing ont he edges of two major suburban hubs. This enormous space stands alone- a separate building, and shortly after the discovery of this space (which also includes a bunker beneath) the people begin to work...
Years later yet another group comes along. They also come along the space, but by then the interior has been turned into an indoor pine forest, with the ground being a complex network of sleeping spaces and shanties, shacks and taverns once lit by wood stoves and candles all covered in moss or in various stages of refreshing pine-scented decay and regrowth, blue black evening prevails, frogs croak and crickets chirp forever.
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