Thursday, February 26, 2009

Post Titled: T.A.T.U. Revisited

Post-Google has been lightly researching the Russian fake lesbian teen pop duo TATU - and in our studies (which will abruptly end HERE with this post) we'd like to say "Hats off to TATU (or T.A.T.U.) who do a positively stellar job of using their fake lesbianism to jump-start their popularity and who have no qualms with objectifying the teenage female body..." not to mention the video of the ditzy MTV intro in which 15-year-old girls chat about how "hot" the guys backstage are (namely "Wolverine" Hugh Jackman, who must be over twice their age.)
Neither Russia nor Post-Google care very much about the so-called crime known as statutory rape, but in the United States isn't is supposed to be one of those societal super-evils on-par with child molestation? So why would MTV have this? Hmm... anyhow, here is the T.A.T.U. video where hundreds of teenage girls flood the stage and dance around as they strip down to their underwear- ENJOY!

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