Friday, April 10, 2009

Post Titled: Non-fiction (one could also dorkily say "true stories") the New Theatre, Oxford, Aug.9, 2009
after two days of driving around and not paying much attention to my email I get a text last night form J. "Hey, you and your parents are on the list for the show tonight!"
unfortunately this text arrived to my mother's cell which I had been using in London earlier in the week, but fortunately I was standing nearby when she read it aloud and dismissed it as a misguided text/wrong number since she never received texts and had forgotten that i had the phone in London to communicate with J.
Annnyhow, I quickly figured out that the text was from J. intended for me and within three hours we were sitting in very good seats for the David Byrne show on his Everything that Happens Will Happen Today tour. P. had mentioned that the dancers were weird, which I'll admit, they did take some getting used-to but they all really grew on me by the end, especially Lily Baldwin, who just had this awesome NeverEnding Story expression on her face the whole time.
There is a lot of random dancing on this tour, much different than the last time I saw him (Seattle and Portland for the Grown Backwards tour) nevertheless it is fun and colorful and unfortunately I spolier'd the Burning Down the House encore by reading John Moe's blog a month ago (or was it All Songs Considered?) I just didn't expect to see him on this tour, but if you wan to spolier it yourself- checkit HERE or see a video of the Benaroya Hall encore:
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