Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Post Titled: All that's FAIL to print
Dan of UNTITLED (and Pulpable) notes another recent German print FAIL, (labelled "Marketing Fail") on the part of the green party HERE - wow, I'm not out to get anyone here but jeeeez louise, these things just keep on happening, -is there an untapped niche for cultural sensitivity consultants or is this just how it will be?

Meanwhile,(a bit of housecleaning here) I recently wrote criticizing the "Wir Krisenkinder" issue of Der Spiegel and its subsequent SPECIAL issue re-devoted to the subject. the post spawned several comments:
Did you even read these article(s)?
2:06 AM

Victoria said...
p.... when i saw that cover i did not even want to look inside this issue... what you wrote, was what i instantly thought... don´t know the content,... but its about your thoughts right now..... i mean we both live here but something i would love is that germans to see more how many opportunities there are around... (i´m half german) and its not as terrible they always make things look... nothing is terrible at all here in germany... maybe some people need to see a therapist to sort out there terribili-ties but we don´t starve to death here... its innate... krises or not... there will be always this gene in some to complain... i have a number of pure german friends which actually are not like that & bless them... and lucky me i met them.. its true.... how dare they to complain without even having started to contribute to the system yet.... oh... its starting to crawl up on me now.. better stop.. cause now i am complaining am i not? ;) see you soon*
5:06 PM

Anonymous said...
Hmmm. I was going to say, with all due respect, TAR, some of us would very much enjoy moving on...but, at 33, I'd feel like kind of an a-hole getting evicted from my house... then I read you response to DLR. Good advice. I hope you enjoy this time to do...whatever!
Peace Out.

Anonymous said...
Yeah, those assholes trying to make ends meet are so 1954! I'm gonna go live on a pile of Spagettios and make friendship bracelets until I give birth to my first child. He shall be raised on Eggs Benedict made out of fiberglass, pigeon doo doo and free lard and become the REAL Incredible Hulk!!!
7:54 AM

After a few days of mulling this over and some digestion of sob-stories in BILD zeitung and and and I think... ok, in Germany it seems like if one does x and y then z is somewhat assured. (x=study something or learn a skill; y=find a job in that field; z=then you will have a certain level of comfort and stability in life, which almost seems to be assured by a laws to that effect.) Mh. Stability...

Furthermore, I like these comments, and I actually tried to re-name the blog "pile of Spagetti-Os" but it was too long.
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