Monday, August 24, 2009

Post Titled: Liepnitz see, week two.
Post SubTitled: be warned- this entry reads like a tour book ...

Liepnitzsee is perhaps one of the cleaner, nicer and more remote Berlin lakes, if you can actually get there I'd highly recommend it. his is the second week we've driven out to swim in the huge forest lake. Both times we found a frog hopping across the path on the walk back to the cars, but this week it peed on our hands (was it the same frog?) Last week I had large flippers and a kickboard (mind you I have been going with a swimteam and I myself have the speed and grace of a land-turtle in water) to keep up with the rest, but this eek, just mini-flippers. Flippers are brilliant- you become an instant (partial) amphibian.
There is an island i the middle with a small mountain on it full of naked families and couples and groups of the elderly where once can also access the tarzan-like rope swing. Last week, time undressing I was actually trying to cover myself with a towel as I changed but this time i was just like "this is pointless" and joined my German mitmenschen in changing right at the water's edge, something I really haven't done since high school- I feel better.
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