Sunday, August 23, 2009

Post Titled: Regarding the plague of New Yorkers in Kreuzberg, Berlin this Summer of 2009...
why... why didn't we pull a Greenland/Iceland and tell everyone "Berlin sucks, Brugge/Brussels/Antwerp is where its AT!"
but instead: instead every second person in ther 20s I meet these days in the 'ol xberg is "visiting from Brooklyn" or "in from New York, and just staying in Berlin for a few weeks/months." It isn't that I am particularly/unreasonably racist against my fellow Americans, but jesus... there are just a lot of you around lately.

*HURM* That same old "visiting from NY" intro conversation has become a broken record. To make things intersting maybe I should pretend to not know where New York is?
Wouldn't NY be creeped out if suddenly there were an influx of 10,000 Germans in Williamsburg, and everywhere you went you encountered Germans? That's how it is here now. When I moved here i encountered about 1 American every 2 weeks randomly just out and about at the grocery store or at the spaetkauf, BUT NOW I encounter abotu 100 per day. Where were y'all when Bush was in office? Embarassed to leave the country? Grrr.
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Blogger EEJ said...

I feel the same way about visiting New Yorkers and I'm in Boston, not Berlin.

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