Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dealing with digital loss.
My cousins had made an interesting point years ago: as technology progresses
and evolves you have to keep shuffling all the archived data from one medium to
another. I.e. I used to burn all of my difital fotos to CD, but over time CDs
degrade (unless you buy those gold-plated ones guaranteed for x hundreds of years-
I suppose). I took this into account but recently it is starting to affect.
I went back to view short digital movies which I'd shot and burned to CD in 2005
and lo-and-behold, the files are all corruped- POOF! Digital oblivion.

Just yesterday I thoguht my i.Beat sweez FM (an MP3 / Radio / audio recording device
made by Trekstor which is super cheap and super reliable) had dumped all my audio re-
cordings from the past year. I plugged the device in and searched the contents for hours-
nada. This was tough, there were dozens- maybe a hundred - little recordings which I had
taken and forgotten about, but then when I went back and listened to them I realized just
how well they painted an audio collage of my experience of the time between Summer 2009
and the present. Just little snippets. POOF! GONE! -I thought.
However when I plugged the device in today they were all right back where they were supposed to be...
what the heck happend I'll never know.
Digital loss is a virutal loss, but it can really trigger your nostalgia and feelings of real loss on par with losing an iPod or your hardrive dies... such a 21st century malady.

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