Friday, July 09, 2010

NOTE: since first posting this I finally bothered to seek out the image of the game mentioned on the radio... might be a different game? or in German is it just spun differently?) THey both have BP on them... *hurm* anyhow, back to the ORIGINAL POST:
As Bill Radke reported on the July 7, 2010 edition of the radio programme Marketplace: "A 1970s board game has surfaced called "BP Offshore Oil Strike." It had the official BP logo right on it. "
coincidentally back in February I had fotographed what seems to be the same (German version of the game!
In German it is called "Öl für uns alle" (Oil for us all). A friend and I were poking around one of the many Turkish junkshops of the Berlin neighbourhood of Neukoelln when we came across it and we thought it was simply - well, hilarious and a bit creepy and she ended up buying it for a euro or two- practically brand new!
british petrolium oil spill gulf coast bp oil disaster oel fuer uns alle deutsches brettspiel aus der 70ziger 70iger 60-iger 70-iger
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