Monday, November 15, 2010

small world feeling... but on the internet
- so I am setting my radio alarm last night, trying to find a tolerable Berlin radio station to wake up to 3.5 hours later
(hard to project what they wil be playing at 6:06 am)
and I am positively captivated by a cover of Radiohead's IDIOTHEQUE. Waiting until the end I find out that it is sung by a girl named Amanda Palmer... and I say to myself "wait- I follow a girl named amanda palmer on twitter." I have followed her for years, she was one of the first round of random people I chose to follow when I joined in 2007- and have never known or bothered to know who she is, to me she is just a girl whose twitter messages havepopped up on my screen.
As it turns out (by finding a link to a SPIN article he´d wrote which was actually waiting in my email inbox oddly enough) she is singer of the Dresden Dolls and fiancè of Niel Gaiman, whose writing for the BATMAN comics I have grown to love (as well as Stardust)... and for a moment I had that small world feeling... but on the internet

anyhow, here is that amazing cover of idiotheque:

Amanda Palmer plays idiotheque on her magical ukelele

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