Thursday, September 06, 2012

Film On app

I have several co-workers who simply cannot live without the BBC. They have showed me the Film On app which streams dozens on digital channels from around the world. Passively watching while I clean or make coffee, I'd have to say it is all pretty... - or even remarkably unimpressive. In comparison to other mediums, television really is a low form of media now... And it isn't even as weird as I'd hoped it would be, it's just dull drivel... Who has time for this?
Oh, Important fact!: one thing I DID learn was that there are no official photos from Sean Penn and madonna's wedding- but there were six helicopters hovering above- (see third foto below). Also featured: Italian television (a show called Last Cop and an anchorwoman) and as well as a classic cartoon about where rain comes from (1940s?) from
The klassik kartoon channel.
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