Sunday, January 06, 2013


so, I have assumed that Google has a long-term plan for us all, as does Apple and any other major player on wheeling and dealing information now, and all the IT guys at work claim that Google is Evil, in fact - and I can see why they think that - although i still love google, I have grown wary over the years... 
but today I SAW it - Google's plan - very clearly when I accidentally logged into a part of my acct. I have never logged into before, where it listed:

View and modify plan
Current plan: 0 GB for $0.00/year
0.28% full, using 0.01 GB of your 5 GB
SO - basically, if I choose to use this NOW as my primary way of working in the digital world then they are banking that several years down the road (when I drive and email are filling up - EVEN THOUGH all they have ever TOLD me is how much friggin free space I have and how I will never have to ever delete anythig ever - AT SOME POINT I WILL MAXX-OUT and then - because I will have so much invested in my primary email acct. that I will just stary paying google for more storage... maybe that is fair, maybe a decade or two of using their services for free should be paid when I maxx out... maybe, or... 
My current solution: create as many gmail addresses as possible and slowly migrate from one to the next - while also overlapping them on my devices and making it so they are all linked - and for me that isn't too much to handle, I am ok with that - but it is the only think I can think to do...

Anyhow, I have jetlag so whatever, I am just complaining...
but KCRW eclectic 24 streaming is AMAZING... 
thank you, KCRW! 


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