Saturday, February 01, 2014

Weekend Writing and Henry Miller's Work schedule, 1932 - 1933 aka 11 commandments

I have been trying out a new work regimen for writing on the weekends - when you are a 21st century ADD spaz like me you NEED this sort of thing- a physically restictive invironment - ideally a chair that is big and hard to move and scooted up to a table so that you can't jsut hop up and prance off every time every little whim catches your fancy - no, you barricade your body in and clamp your brain in big cushy headphones and stay put until you have put a fet things down in black and white. 
Anyhow, it was inspired by Henry Miller's Work schedule, 1932 - 1933 aka 11 commandments - who better to turn to than him? I suspected that something like this existed out there, and I think I actually came across it in a twitter post by - they have become a favorite (even if I have since deleted the Twitter app from all my devices because I was getting sucked in all too often.)
but my most recent attempt at a regimen involves: 
1 hour and 1 minute ON (timed on iPhone or iPad) 
and 6
minutes 6 seconds OFF (free time where I can do things like write this blog post and make coffee and change the music*

HINT: The most effective alarm is the T-Rex Roar ringtone from Jurassic Park. No joke. It says to the brain in no uncertain terms: "Get back to work before I eat you alive." OK, 6 min are up!

FOUND HERE at BRAINpickings (or is it Brain Pickings?

*NOTE TO SELF: now listening to Autechre's Confield (purchased at Amoeba records) and Poliça's new album Shulamith (purchased at their show the other day- I aLSO interviewed them for nothing but hope and passion - super nice folks!) and Zomby's new album With Love (which I bought on CD at Rasputin Records on Haight Street in SF)

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