Friday, April 14, 2006

Overcast Friday morning massages out the mundane details of life: I can't figure out for the life of me why this apartment on the edge of a cliff is so darn cold... and can't seem to start a fire in the firelace to save my life. I've burnt 2 newspapares this mornging already but these logs (unlike the Javalog or the Duraflame) are not doused in lighter-fluid... it makes for a difficult ignition... hours of balling-up paper and junkmail, lighting, repeat, light, repeat- by the end of this cycle you smell like a campfire and are still cold, but more frustrated... the outside of the log gets black but the wood never seems to really get going long-term... I was a Boy Scout for 10 years, but have very little experience with fireplaces... somehow on my days off I get trapped- or, well- overwhelmed by the sheer potential of a day without work so I just end up running around in circles and not doing anything really,... I should teach myself how to type without looking at the keys. That's for sure. Oh, crap- I need to do my taxes... but it seems so boring. Heh. , numbers, all- terribly dull and nearly impossible for a lethargic Friday (even though they're due tomorrow... ) irk!
I am excited to see "The Pillowman" tonight, - if I did anything right today it was to remember to buy tickets to that- I suppose... supposed to go volunterr at the Seattle INternational Film Fest to help promote... hmm, need to drink much more tea before that happens... I bought soemorganic "Gunpowder Green" tea this morning from Madison Market... it is just nice to drink something called "Gunpowder Green" if nothing else... I think I'm falling asleep next to this dwindling newspaper fire...
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