Thursday, August 31, 2006

Françoise PENG!

(pet turtle)

Question of the day: Nancy and I were talking last night and I mentioned that identical twins were genetically identical, so far as I've heard. "Do they have the same fingerprints?" she asked. "Uhm..." I have no idea, is there some complex chaos-scramble code that exists to produce the patterns of people's fingerprints? One that can randomly generate fingerprint patters? If all other body parts are standard then HOW the HECK do fingerprints turn out so that each otherwise-standard human has these parts of them that are all comepletely randomly arranged... well, I suppose the same goes for blood vessels in the retina (hence retinal scanning, right?) and why wouild that be either?...
Nancy suggested I call the library. "They know everything, you just ask and they call you back with an answer! It's great!" SOunds better than Google. Speaking of which Claire said Google is up to evil things, which is strange since their corporate motto is "don't be evil"... oh, Google, I knew you were too good to be true.
Nancy also said that the bright colors of Fall leaves on trees is actually tree excrement. Well, it was actually an answer to my question "how do trees poop?" apparently they put all unwanted waste into the leaves (hence the crazy colors) and then shed them. Who knew? It is amazing how much Nanc' knows about plants, just like Russ knows about bugs.
So I was freaking out after work (probably cause by 8 hours of staring intensely at a computer screen) so I headed to the Seattle Public Library to ride the escalators:
which happens to be very theraputic... as well as watching that screen scroll by wiht al the most recently checked-in books... it's like watchig a school of fish... anyhow, I went there with the intent of calming down but just became really scattered adn confused, the library, although I LOVE IT) is a HUMAN TRAP! From the very moment you walk in- even the DOORS are heavy adn do NOT move easily, then you go up, up, up and can't get back down very easily... that spiral, can't tel up from down in there, but I did find a book about the history of Mezzotints and then all the American Splendor collections, of course I haven't seen my library card in awhile and I probably have tons of late fees, grr.

Walked up Madison St. and stopped in the Hideout to finally pick up the SuttonBeresCuller photos I bought in the jukebox a month-and-a-half ago, didn't necessairily intend to have a beer but it seemed quite natural once I was there, and looking thorugh the publication of barfly drawings just published - whichactually made me feel a bit more normal... because it is full of some super wierd (and a lof of pretty good) sh*t, actually. Drawing is so great. (a heavy idea, I know.)

Greg plopped down next to me and told me about a WWII plan to drop 100,000 bats with little bombs attached to them onto Tokyo (because it was a primarily wooden-house city and the bats would nest in the rafters then explode!) Sounds insame "but not as insane as dropping a nuclear bomb." which is true.
Still, here I am hours later and can't stop thinking about those bats with the little
bombs strapped to them. Just picturing hunderes of women doing their
all for the war effort, like the "Rosie the Riveter" posters or maybe Lucille Ball "owhH- ooooowHH" A whole warehouse full of long tables, and they're taking the bats out of the cages one by one and trying to lay
them flat on the table:"hold still, bat, I'm trying to get this bomb
backpack on you", such a struggle... actually it totally sounds like something the Joker would do and then BLAME on Batman.

On a serious not, the effed-up thing is that IF we dropped bats with bombs on Japan instead of Atomic/H bombs at LEAST they might've had a fighting chance... little kids with slingshots could've destroyed them mid-air (like we always tried to do as kids) We only hit one once, but if every kid had a slinghshot then maybe...

Oh world.
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