Saturday, September 16, 2006

GOLDEN AGE OF RETARTATION EXAMPLE #004 (and a stellar one at that.)
On that note, such a glorious shining example of the Golden Age deserves and equally quality film review to supportit, WHICH I'm about to write:
(right now, in fact):
I was inspired to Netflix "Into the Blue" (working title was originally "Into that-next-shot-of-Jessica-Alba's-ASS, Bro!") and really loved it... I was supposed to watch this movie with Issara, but then he moved- hmm, the idea to rent it developed (err, something along the lines of): "Dude, what's that one movie with Jessica Alba in the water?... Blus something...?" So one IMDB search, Netflix Queue, and month later it was in my living room.
Now, this is a fantastic movie, I spent some quality time with our tiny "new" TV and I'd have to say that Into the Blue is a particularly amazing film. First off: it IS very blue. But not sad. Watching "into the blue" is like GOING into the blue via your tiny tv screen... There are pretty shots of fish and people. This is a good film. Into the Blue is probably my new favorite movie, See production stills:

Fortunately I also have "Fantastic Four" in my Queue and will be reviewing that a.s.a.itarrivesandIwatchit.
For more Images from Into the Blue, click: HERE
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