Saturday, September 16, 2006

MEANWHILE, (it's happening Franc- you know, when you said "I just want it to be like 'you know:THAT' (pointing to tiny screen and whatever you are trying to explain will magically it'll pop up on your phone and or futuristic communicator')ok, or internet or whatever, but what I mean it that I'm trying to use an example here and I could just say):
"You know that scene in Magnolia where Julianne Moore shouts "Shutthefuckup" a dozen times?"
OR, just drop in the video:

WELLLLLLLL, kids, my POINT is it that is how I am feeling towards EVERY effing little tribe these days... or since this morning, actually. Christians, Muslims, Jews, Politicans, Hollywood, Republicans, Liberals, WHITE HOUSE, Corporate Dads, Soccer Moms, Corporate Moms, Drunken Dads, Young Professionals, Soldiers, Hippies, Activists and Artists can we just take a Queue from Julianne more and SHUTTHEFUCKUP for a year or two?- have a big long silence to thing about our actions? How nice would that be? Wouldn't it be great if I could shutthefuckup?!?
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