Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Post Titled: BUBBA has a blog now

It is true, called TENFOOTMAN and it already features Megan -so check it.

and Vern- quit bugging me about my crappy spelling. dammit. I know I can't spell caucophany.

INteresting Quote from Jean-Noël Cuénod, Tribune de Genève. Switzerland regarding the fake Kidney donor show in the Netherlands:
"In this sentimental society that worships technology, reason has become a dirty word and the desire to understand has become a nasty neurosis. Our new media-finance capitalism needs consumers, not citizens."
effing Switzerland, man. I don't get it. In 1999 when i read Tom Freidman's "The Lexus and the Olive Tree" for a college course I was horrified by his statement that trying to hold back globalisation would be like trying to hold back the rising of the sun. (mind you this was circa WTO) and now I don't particularly care- globalisation, sure. It is here to stay so long as it isn't rendered completely impotent by international conflict... but it is still funny to read a statement such at the above quoted in a Swiss newspaper... little fortress country on the high horse. Where does reason even fit into ANYthing nowadays... other that the motivations that cause people adn countries to do what they do... are insane, but make a whole lotta sense at their very core (in kind of an inhuman way).
Why do we worship technology?
Because it has changes our world in the most dramatic ways ever seen in human history.
Consumers-? citizens-? is there a difference when it comes to GDP? Hardly.
Occasionally I think: "America is perhaps just an economic medium disguised as a country..." sometimes that seems so clear.
Anyhow, enough of that. Effing Switzerland, man.


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