Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Post Titled: Don't Hate on Fatty

I got on the plane last night from LAX to SEA-TAC and the 60-year old man next to me dressed in safari-esque old-school Bannana Republic garb was trying to convince the young hippie in front of me to switch seats with him so he could sit next to his Spanish wife. The kid refused saying "Naw, I prefer to sit in the aisle seat."
to refute his selfishness I offered my seat to his wife and sat next to the hippie.
A minute later I would suffer the fallout of this decision when a HUGE smelly guy came to take his window seat next to me- this guy was so large that the armrest between us was completely out of the question and he overlapped a full 25 % into my seat, not to mention that he had to request a seatbelt extension (a portion of seatbelt that you can add to the original to make it larger just so he could fit it around his waist. THEN he took off his shoes and socks... this isn't the first time this exact thing has happened to me on an airplane.
I was totally pissed.
About half way through the flight we started talking and it turns out that the big guy was actually cool as hell, a Canadian who lives half the year in South America and the arrogant hippie had just come back from several months of traveling in Greece and Turkey, so we had a lot in common. "Yea, the Turks are a lot nicer than the Greeks... Ephasis is cool, been to Pamukkale-? i THINK IT IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE PLACES ON EARTH, it is the Blue Lagoon of Turkey..." and so on.
Then I felt like an ass for assuming so much about the people around me.
Just for visual reference, Pamukkale:


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